1 kite – 1 person
The private lesson is designed especially for your needs and speed of progress. It is very personlised.
You will learn kitesurfing in just a few hours

2 kites – 2 people
Good option for those who want to learn with a friend
We spend 10-15 mins at a time with each of you, so while we are looking at the other student doing the exercises, you can see and take in valuable information from the outside

What is included?

  • Kites, board, harness, wetsuit, helmet, safety jacket
  • Radio Helmets,
  • IKO card which evaluate your level and will allow you hire equipment around the world
  • Transport to the beach
  • Loads of smiles and positive energy!
  • Insurance

How do we do lesson?

  • First lesson is always on the land, 2 hours private or 3 hours semiprivate
    Theory, setting up the kite, safety systems, learning to control the kite
  • Second and third lessons are in the water 2 hours private or 3 hours semiprivate
    Bodydrag with one hand and two hands (controlling the kite in the water), getting up on the board

If you have already had some lessons before, we can take you further and progress you faster