Why Tarifa?

Tarifa is definitely a kitesurfer’s paradise as the wind blows here all year round. It is the southern most tip of Europe where Mediterranean meets the Atlantic Ocean.

Tarifa is full of small bars and Spanish charming restaurants. It has definitely the kitesurfing vibe and atmosphere. There are almost 300 days of wind a year. Whoever comes to Tarifa says it is a magical place with amazing people. If you come here once you will definitely come back again and again or maybe one day you will quit your job and will live here. There are plenty things to do here.

What can you do in Tarifa?

What to do however if there is no wind? The wild 10 km coastline attracts not only kite surfers but also nature and outdoor sports lovers. There are endless opportunities to fill your days if you are not always on the water:

  • trip to Morocco which is only 18km away from Tarifa
  • visit stunning Sevilla
  • trip to Ronda, the most romantic place in Spain
  • horse riding on the beach
  • boat trip and whale watching
  • picnic with waterfalls
  • rock climbing with Morocco views
  • scuba diving,
  • yoga
  • mountain biking,
  • visiting monkeys on Gibraltar rock
  • Granada and snowboarding in Sierra Nevada
  • exploring the amazing countryside
  • and more….



In the summer you can party in Tarifa every night until 8 am in the morning, so it is a great place for party animals with hundreds of little bars and restaurants. If however, you prefer a little bit more quiet time, visit here off season when you can enjoy amazing landscapes and nature.

How to get here?:

By Plane: The nearest airports are Gibraltar and Malaga.

By Bus: From Malaga airport to Malaga center and then take a bus to Tarifa or take a bus from Malaga airport to Algercias and then to Tarifa.

We suggest however to rent a car in Malaga. we recommend  espana.fireflycarrental.com .This way you can explore all attractions around Tarifa.

Where to sleep?:

You can choose from a range of different hostels or hotels. If you come with the group we suggest to rent an apartment. We are happy to help with your accommodation, just drop us an email!

If you want to find out more about Tarifa bars, activities, accommodation or lifestyle check our TARIFA GUIDE or check our SPECIAL OFFERS 

What are the wind conditions and spots In Tarifa?

Tarifa is the most famous kitesurfing spot in Europe, called kite surf paradise as the wind blows here all year round. In Tarifa you can find all sorts of conditions depending on the various wind directions during the year.

PONIENTE – westerly wind that blows from the sea, it usually wakes up in the afternoon from around 2 pm and blows between 10k-25k, even if the wind forecast in the summer shows 10kts, expect more due to thermal effects. This wind is side onshore at all spots in Tarifa and is normally cooler but very constant. It also brings more waves, especially in the winter.
LEVANTE – the easterly wind which blows from the land, it usually blows all day and can be very strong from 15k-60k! (check spot options outside Tarifa for strong levante). This wind in Tarifa city is offshore but in Valdavaqueros beach side shore and it can be very gusty, usually is warmer and less wavy.

All year round

Choppy in the summer, Waves in the winter, Flat – out of the season (only with full or non moon and high tide, see Rio Jara spot)

Sandy wide beaches. There is almost 10km of beaches in Tarifa.

From 15 June till 15 September you can only kite surf in Los Lances Norte and Valdavaqueros beach. At Los Lances beach with levante wind there is a rescue boat. You can buy your ticket at the beach bars.

From 12C in the winter to 38C in the summer.

Yes, all year round. 5.4mm in the winter, 3.2mm in the summer or shorty

From 7m to 12m

Tarifa is good for all levels

You can only kite surf here out of the season but there are restrictions from 15 June till 15 September


The popular spot for surfers. In front of very popular beach bar Bienestar which is open all year With levante wind is offshore, constant but very flat or with very clean waves, so only for very experienced kite surfers.

Campo de Futbol

A Spot very popular in the winter with the locals, parking, there is beach bar Club Siete but usually only open in the summer. Great with Poniente wind. Too dangerous with levante offshore wind.

Rio Jara

A Spot in front of the camping. It is very popular out of the season with Poniente wind when is with high tide we have got a lagoon there, great for freestyle. Here you can usually meet all pro riders. It is more difficult to get there but you can do upwind from Campo de Futbol. With levante wind is too offshore.

We are allowed to kite surf on these spots all year round.

Los Lances Norte Beach

There are 2 beach bars, parking also available. Very popular with Poniente wind. With levante there are rescue boats but in summer only from 15 June till 15 September.

Valdavaqueros Beach:

Good with poniente and levante all year, no boats and levante is side shore on at this beach. There are 2 beach bars. In the summer quite crowded.

Punta Paloma

The furtherest spot from Tarifa to kite (9km away from Tarifa), with beautiful sand dunes, good for beginners with levante wind, usually side shore and there is also a parking place.

Need to know:

Very important to remember that levante wind in Tarifa town is usually much stronger then in Valdavaquros or Punta Paloma, there can be a difference of 20kts sometimes. The general rule is further you go from Tarifa town the levante wind is weaker. When levante is too strong, which happens there are two other good spots to kite outside Tarifa zone. Remember there is only wind in these spots when levante in Tarifa or Valdavaqueros beach blows more than 40kts! In the warm months of the year, usually Poniente wind is stronger in Valdavaquros beach due to better thermal effects.


Located around 30 km from Tarifa towards Algercias. Good for beginners with parking and some bars. Choppy, flat or waves with side shore wind.

Canos de Meca

Located around 65km from Tarifa towards Cadiz. It is a good wave spot, better for more advanced riders. The wind here is side onshore.