Why Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing  is a culture of addicts, praying for wind and the moment you get up on the board you are hooked! It will overtake your life!

Why kitesurfng? You learn to forget, be calm and relax while riding the ocean. You will smile more often and will be surrounded by happy people. Why not to to get kitesuring lessons now!?

Kitesurfing is very versatile and has no limits. You can choose to ride waves, do big jumps, cruise in the ocean or unhooked and pop tricks.

It is about adrenaline, even after years of kiting your heart will be pumping faster even when checking the wind conditions before going to the beach therefore it’s never boring.

Kitesurfing gives you opportunity to travel to the most amazing places in the world.

The fact that you can not practice this sport anytime, as you need the wind and the beach this makes kitesurfing special.

Kitesurfing is actually not that dangerous, you just need to learn all safety rules.

Kitesurfing is a lifestyle and it’s really for everyone, you are never too old for it.

It’s not difficult to learn. There is a joke amongst the windsurfing community: “What’s the difference between a kitesurf beginner and a pro?” The answer: “One week”

Kitesurfing keeps you fit. Research shows that you can burn up to 1100 calories doing 2hrs kiting, not to mention pumping up your kite in the beginning. You will be exhausted!

Kitesurfing is not that expensive, once you invest in your kite lessons and gear, afterwards the wind, beach and ocean is FREE!